Archived Website: Pillo Health was acquired by Stanley Black & Decker in 2020. This is a historical snapshot of the website prior to the acquisition. Pillo Health is no longer an active company.

Pillo Health FAQ

Our Platform

Who is Pillo Health?

Pillo Health is a healthcare solutions company that improves outcomes for businesses by leveraging proprietary technology to scale in-home patient engagement. Get to know our team here.

What makes Pillo Health so unique?

First and foremost, Pillo Health provides a unique proprietary platform. It is designed with human emotion and engagement protocols in mind to ensure compliance. Our proactive, voice-enabled health assistant tracks health regimens, and then initiates encouraging interactions which promote adherence and independence while enhancing connections between users, care teams and health organizations. Second, the team at Pillo Health lives and breathes our values of integrity, empathy, engagement and autonomy. We don’t just make product, we bake these values into our lives and our work, because we believe that when creating technological solutions for highly sensitive interactions, we must consider all human elements including privacy, emotion, motivation and self-reliance.

Is the technology HIPAA compliant?

Yes, we adhere to all HIPAA requirements. Pillo Health stands behind and supports the storage of the data in a HIPAA compliant manner. Further, we separate personal information and health information to increase privacy.

How does Pillo Health protect the user’s privacy?

User privacy is of utmost importance to us and we adhere to strict rules. Our platform is HIPAA compliant so the data that we collect is stored and transported according to all HIPAA regulations. This means we will not store or archive any voice or face data. We keep your user information completely separate from your medication data so that your personal health information is protected. All data is transported using secure encrypted communication and is stored in a third-party HIPAA-compliant cloud.

Is Pillo Health’s platform customizable?

Yes. With Pillo Health, custom services from third parties can be integrated to the Pillo Health platform and delivered to customers through our Pillo device as well as other connected devices via our secure, state-of-the-art cloud-based platform. Learn more about our technology on our Platform page.

Does Pillo Health record the user’s voice and keep those voice records?

Voice capture is done locally on the device. Any voice or audio after the wake word is converted from spoken word to text using a third-party cloud speech recognition provider directly from the robot. Currently the user’s speech only goes to that third-party speech recognizer. Pillo Health does receive the recognized results and stores those results in a HIPAA compliant manner.

Who supplies the speech recognition technology?

Pillo Health uses a large cloud technology provider for its speech recognition capabilities. This cloud provider does not know who is speaking and therefore the speech they receive remains anonymous.

What happens with facial recognition data?

We use facial recognition to authenticate the primary user before dispensing their medications. Pillo takes pictures of the user and then a cloud face recognition engine from a third-party cloud provider uses those pictures and returns an abstract face model to the device. No information about the user’s face or pictures of the user are stored on the device or in the third-party cloud provider.

What is the relationship between Pillo Health and Stanley Black and Decker, and what is Pria?

Pria is powered by Pillo Health and is our first consumer product, launched in September 2019 in partnership with Stanley Black and Decker. Pillo Health developed the innovative, proprietary technology platform that powers Pria by BLACK + DECKER. BLACK + DECKER markets and distributes Pria to consumers in need of an in-home solution to extend the circle of caregiving. Learn more about Pria here.

How can I become a partner?

If you’re looking for new ways to engage with your customers, improve health outcomes, and lower overall costs, visit our Partners page to send us a message and discuss how your solution can be powered by Pillo Health. With Pillo Health’s voice-first, HIPAA-compliant platform, businesses can create a continuous in-home engagement model. Our robot is smart, secure, and an engaging “someone” who ensures attention and adherence to medication and health regimens.

Our Device

What is the Pillo device?

The Pillo robot is an automated medication management and voice first smart home healthcare device that brings to life Pillo Health’s technology. The platform is also accessible via mobile devices for professional and family caregivers. Meet Pillo on our Devices page!

What smart assistant features does the device support?

  • Reminders
  • Find information online (weather, news, FAQ)
  • Voice-activated device control
  • Conversational interactions
  • Google Maps-powered location and time zone support

What types of questions can I ask Pillo?

Pillo can support a wide range of questions, and continues to learn more every day. Besides asking for your scheduled doses, users can ask Pillo about the weather, facts, to tell jokes or recite a poem!

What languages does Pillo support?

Currently, Pillo can speak and understand English. We are working on expanding to new languages in the future.

Can Pillo really recognize an end user?

Yes. Pillo can see users from several feet away, if the lighting conditions are optimal. The device’s omnidirectional microphones mean that Pillo can be placed anywhere in the room and still hear users from all directions.

How many doses of medication can Pillo store, and how do you load them?

Pillo can store and dispense medications for one person and up to 28 doses. For example, if someone takes their medications once per day, or 7 doses per week, he/she would store four-weeks’ worth of doses in Pillo. If someone were to take a few medications twice per day, or fourteen doses per week, he/she would store two weeks’ worth of doses. The loading process is simple via a wheel that fits in the back of the device, and Pillo guides users through the process pill-by-pill.

What types of medications can Pillo manage?

While Pillo only stores solid pills, the device will remind users to take other forms of medications (liquid, inhaler, gel) via notifications on device and mobile. Users are asked to confirm that they took these medications on their Pillo mobile application.

How does Pillo help users to remember their medications?

Pillo leverages both an on-device and mobile notification system to remind users. When it is time to take a dose, the device will alert the user with lights and sound. The device uses either facial recognition or a pin code to dispense the dose to the appropriate user. In addition, caregivers who have the mobile app will be alerted when the dose is taken.

Pillo can also alert a care giver if a medication is missed. That caregiver can then reach out and even do a video call directly to the Pillo device.

How do Pillo drop-in calls work?

Drop-in voice or video calling is a completely optional feature that lets the user or caregiver connect instantly between the Pillo device and mobile application, similar to a two-way intercom. Drop-in functionality is permission-based and is as simple as placing a phone call. Real-time alerts and voice and video calling capabilities allow professional and family caregivers to check in on loved ones and monitor their health remotely, improving compliance and adherence without sacrificing independence.

Does the device support Amazon Alexa or Google Home?

Currently, Pillo’s technology is compatible with the Pillo device and mobile application only.

What phones are compatible with Pillo’s mobile application?

Both iOS and Android phones are compatible with Pillo. We support iOS 11.3 and later versions, as well as Android Lollipop 5.0 and later versions.