Archived Website: Pillo Health was acquired by Stanley Black & Decker in 2020. This is a historical snapshot of the website prior to the acquisition. Pillo Health is no longer an active company.

Pillo for Pharmacy

Pillo for Pharmacy

Achieve more meaningful relationships with your patients

Pillo Health gives you continuous insight into your customers' entire medication regimens and empowers them to be a full participant in their own care through better understanding & use of their medications.

How Can Your Pharmacy Benefit from Pillo?

Deliver Higher Customer Satisfaction

With 2-way video calling, you're able to provide best-in class care regardless of patient location, while modernizing consultations and the brown bag review process

Increase Revenues

Pillo's secure cloud-based platform provides customizations aimed at increasing customer loyalty, enabling refills, and driving foot traffic in retail settings as well as online sales for your home-delivery model.

Understand Patients' Adherence to Medications

With visibility into adherence and non-adherence events, you're armed with information as to why patients aren't able to maintain their medication regimen.

Capture Accurate Medication Adherence Data

On average, users engage with Pillo 6 times throughout the day, capturing richer data sets about their medication adherence and lifestyles in order to deliver more reliable intel for PBM and provider partners.

Streamline Medication Therapy Management Efforts

Program Medication-Related Action Plans into Pillo for increased adherence, and simplify documentation of engagement data generated from Pillo's custom reporting.

Fend Off the Competition

Scalable fulfillment solutions fill, verify, and seal prescription packaging while also allowing users to modify their daily pill regimen as their treatment plan evolves.

Automated Multi-Dose Prescription Fulfillment with Pharmacy Auto Load (PAL)

Pillo Health's Pharmacy Auto Load, or PAL, is a pharmacy-filled consumable designed for seamless integration with Pillo devices.

With PAL, pharmacies streamline their ability to fulfill multi-dose prescriptions by automatically filling, checking, and sealing the consumable tray in less time and with more accuracy than manual filling operations.

The automation is available for both low-volume and high-volume pharmacies to drive higher efficiencies, allowing pharmacy teams to engage in deeper, more meaningful relationships with customers.

Customizable Platform & Reporting Features

2-Way Video Calling

Connect with your physically restricted or homebound patients through video calls

CRM Integration

Generate engagement for loyalty programs and centralize patient data & communication


Push in-store coupons, product recommendations, and other retail information to drive commerce

Prescription Management

Schedule refill reminders to ensure continuity of adherence

Auto-Ordering of Refills

Trigger automatic refills for retail pickup or in-home delivery

Adherence Data

Capture actionable, closed-loop data on medication adherence & non-adherence events

Care Plan Alerts

Program Medication-Related Action Plans into Pillo to generate push notifications and reminders

Pharmacist Care Portal

Deliver proactive content and information-gathering prompts at scale across deployed Pillo devices

Pharmacy Auto Load (PAL)

Fill multi-dose pharmacy consumable tray through automation that integrate into Pillo

If you are looking for new ways to engage with your customers, streamline multi-dose prescriptions, and get clarity into your patients' medication adherence habits, we'd love to hear from you.