Archived Website: Pillo Health was acquired by Stanley Black & Decker in 2020. This is a historical snapshot of the website prior to the acquisition. Pillo Health is no longer an active company.

Platform Overview

Your tailored services are delivered to your customers through our feature robot as well as other connected devices by our secure, state-of-the-art cloud-based platform. Our proprietary technology platform is fueled by big data to create personalized experiences - tracking health care regimens and proactively scheduling interactions to ensure timely and continuous engagement.

  • Partners
  • Health Agent
  • Consumers
  • Services


Our platform is designed to bring the device to life, making it a health and wellness companion with a charming disposition — a true “someone” in the home. As such, it is the only Smart Medicine Assistant that will actively seek out and speak to a specific user in the room about their health care needs and gently encourage them to engage.

Continuous Engagement

Our proprietary AI analyzes a continuous stream of data to connect to users personably, engage continuously, and thereby improve adherence to medication schedules and health outcomes.


With our platform SDK, there is limitless opportunity to tailor Pillo Health technologies to your customer’s unique needs.


We are laser-focused on privacy and data security. Our HIPAA-compliant platform uses end-to-end encryption to protect access to patient data, and our device uses facial recognition to ensure medication and health information is delivered to the intended user.

Bundled Services


  • Weather
  • Clock
  • General knowledge


  • Refill reminders
  • Personal alerts
  • Caregiver permissioning

Add on services

Pillo Remotely

Introducing our HIPAA-compliant web interface that puts the management of Pillo devices into the hands of providers. With Pillo Remotely, healthcare professionals can configure Pillo devices to:

  • Create and deliver natural language voice surveys enmasse or to specific segments of the population they manage
  • Proactively deliver spoken messages
  • Deploy branded or disease-specific photo or video content
  • Establish thresholds to trigger alerts within certain degrees of escalation

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Derek Hatchett

Derek Hatchett

Commercial Director

Pillo Health

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Stanley Black & Decker chose Pillo Health to help them enhance their health-at-home program.
Our shared goal? Help caregivers manage their loved ones’health better while giving the caregiver peace of mind.