Archived Website: Pillo Health was acquired by Stanley Black & Decker in 2020. This is a historical snapshot of the website prior to the acquisition. Pillo Health is no longer an active company.

Pillo Health is Your
Health and Wellness Partner
in the Home

Pillo Health is Your
Health and Wellness Partner
in the Home

Designed for your Customers’ Needs.

Only with Pillo Health’s voice-first, HIPAA compliant platform can businesses create a continuous in-home engagement model. Pillo, our proactive, smart, and secure ‘someone,’ makes your customers’ health and wellbeing your business.

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Remote Health

Remote patient monitoring and telemedicine programs can allow care teams to remotely track the health of their patients at home, collaborate with the patients’ doctors and family, and detect problems before they lead to readmissions. SEE MORE


Streamline Medication Therapy Management practices and take advantage of multi-dose fulfillment automation to provide repackaged medications to your patients. READ MORE

Consumer Devices

Our proactive smart home device blends seamlessly into daily life, allowing businesses to connect to customers in a whole new way. The voice-first digital companion can also augment and interact with existing ‘smart’ products.


Improve the quality of patient care and reduce medication-related adverse events with true visibility into patients' medication habits.

Our Partners say

The team's passion for the mission was palpable. That combined with their impressive knowledge of the healthcare space and impeccable attention to detail made the experience seamless. We are proud of the relationship, and of our new product called Pria!
Sean O'Brien

Sean O'Brien

Director, Health@Home Technologies

Stanley Black & Decker

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